JIC constantly strives for excellence. The awards and recognitions received both from within the Middle East and internationally are validation of JIC’s exclusive practices and performance. Al Jazeera International Catering LLC is the first and the only caterer in the UAE region to have achieved a range of accomplishments and awards that celebrate high standards in organizational excellence, best practices, CSR, sustainability and in achieving international benchmarks.

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Teams at JIC are highly motivated to push the envelope on excellence with every new award that comes their way. Each award has unravelled new learnings that have systemized JIC’s service and delivery standards to global benchmark levels in excellence, in the hospitality sector. This has also paved the way for personal and career specific growth among the employees of JIC.


JIC is deeply committed and vested in addressing the core Issues of social, economic, environmental and civic disruption. Organizational sustainability ranks high on JIC’s CSR list, with policies and practices based on the GRI Framework. AL Jazeera International Catering’s sustainability practices revolve around the 4 core pillars of the organization:
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  1. Arabia CSR Award–  2019
  2. 19th Cycle Of  Emirates Environmental Group Award – 2019
  3. Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award – 2019
  4. BTOES – 2019
  5. Future Workplace Awards– 2018
  6. Global Islamic Business Excellence Awards– 2018
  7. Middle East Waste and Recycling Awards– 2018
  8. Golden Globe Tiger Award– 2018
  9. Golden Peacock Sustainability Award– 2018
  10. Middle East Customer Excellence  Award– 2018
  11. Hospitality Excellence Award  – 2017
  12. Arabia CSR Award– 2017
  13. BIZZ Peak of Success Award  – 2017
  14. Emirates Environmental Group Award– 2017
  15. International Business Excellence – 2017
  16. Global Benchmarking Award – 2016
  17. Middle East CSR Award – 2016
  18. European Business Assembly Award – 2016
  19. European Society Quality Research  – 2016
  20. Emirates Environmental Group Award– 2016
  21. Abu Dhabi Sustainability Award–  2016
  22. Arabia CSR Award–  2016
  23. Green Era Award– 2015
  24. Arabia CSR Award–  2015
  25. Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award – 2015
  26. International Best Practices Award  – 2015
  27. Global Benchmarking Award – 2015
  28. Emirates Environmental Group Award – 2015
  29. International Best Practices Award  – 2014
  30. Arabia CSR Award–  2014
  31. Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award – 2014
  32. BIZZ Award – 2014
  33. Abu Dhabi Blood Bank Award – 2014
  34. Emirates Environmental Group Award – 2013
  35. Emirates Environmental Group Award – 2012



Operations Manager

Sugin started his career in 2007 as an Assistant Cook at Gulf Catering Services –Dubai.
His dedication to his daily roles and responsibilities was noticed by the management and his hotel management degree added weightage to his performance and paved way to his promotion as a Training supervisor when JIC was formed and thereon his growth success was tremendous.
Throughout his journey in JIC, Sugin has handled various positions which include Camp manager, Unit Head and Project manager. He has been the master catalyst for smooth mobilization of various onshore projects of JIC.
His commitment and dedication towards the operational process of JIC, has been the secret behind his success to achieve his current position of Operations Manager heading the overall operation in the UAE. He always believes that HARD WORK NEVER FAIL.