Al Jazeera International Catering Company (JIC) is an award-winning hospitality brand and also one of the best catering companies in Abu Dhabi. Based out of Abu Dhabi, JIC offers its exemplary services across all catering and hospitality related allied services.

The partnership together brings in over 5 decades of experience and expertise. Corporate, industrial and individual clients experience unparalleled excellence and quality services when collaborating with JIC. If you are searching for catering companies in UAE, then you can trust us. We are the leading industrial catering company in UAE.

We also provide catering services to high profile functions of any size in and across UAE. Our company is a pioneer in the catering service sector, renowned for its excellent cuisines and innovative dishes. JIC follows standard practices and thorough quality procedures. Our staffs work on schedule, and we also cater to the needs of all kind of budgets put forward by our customers. Our primary focus remains to build trust and provide complete satisfaction to our customers.

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Company Address: PO Box 132757, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone: +971 02 5545979
Fax: +971 02 5545978
Email: info@aljic.ae
Working Hour: 8am to 6pm (sat- Thus)


  • Private and personal catering services at various locations of your choice
  • Corporate catering in office spaces, stores, retail outlets and malls
  • Catering for royal events and gala parties
  • Wedding and reception events
  • Public events, festivals
  • Works with many event management companies
  • Authentic and signature style dishes
  • Multinational cuisines
  • An extensive list of menu options
  • Superior quality customer service
  • Budget-friendly options
  • 100 % customer support

Gift yourself some free time

Life is short, so it is essential to make the most out of it. When there is an event in your family, you can use it effectively and at leisure. Your party menu is safe in our hands, and we will do the best. We will do all the work for you right from menu planning, preparation, arrangements, and serving your guests. Our catering company is efficient in handling parties of all sizes and numbers. You can relax; have a fun time with friends and family while we do all the work for you.

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JIC catering service is the leading player in the foodservice industry across UAE, also our menu is inspired by various cultures and nationalities. We serve continental, Indian, Pakistani, Mexican

We have served and still partner with various prestigious clients from industries such as   Oil Fields

Construction and Labour Camps, Automobiles, Manufacturing, Regulatory Bodies, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Media and Broadcasting, Energy, Financial Centres, and Travel and Tourism.

Why choose our catering services

We offer food and dining services to all kind of events across UAE. Our menu has many options with lip-smacking dishes. Moreover, our company knows how to build excellent rapport with its customers and provide the highest quality services. At our hands, your event or party will host the best food for your guests.

Our menu forever has exceeded the expectations of our customers. Therefore, the majority of our customers contact us for their events repeatedly. It clearly shows the level of trust and confidence they have in us, which inspires us to work hard and serve them even better.

We also specialize in wedding events, corporate events, labour camp events, offshore areas, office parties small and big, personal events, home parties, birthday functions, you can name it.

Contact us for the best offers and menus. We serve in all locations around UAE and Abu Dhabi.