With an experience of 15+ years in corporate catering services, ranging from multi-national blue chips to medium and smaller organisations, JIC has in depth knowledge of all your office catering requirements. From simple sandwich platters to hot staff lunches or 5-star boardroom dining in the UAE, JIC has the menu, staff and equipment to fulfil any request. JIC’s highly experienced and extensively trained teams, strategically located throughout the region, can respond quickly to any catering service demand large or small with tailored menus adapted to the ethnic mix of the camp or compound population. JIC’s reputation for quality food and professional service is as known as their ability to maintain excellent relationships with their clients.

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Daily Business Lunches


Client & Staff Receptions


Corporate BBQs & Picnics


Corporate Buffets


Packed Meal Boxes


Snack and Canapés Menus for Seminars and Conferences


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All of JIC’s meals are prepared with care. If you share JIC’s passion for great quality and great tasting dishes, a tasting session could be arranged for you.


Q1 - Why is Catering Important?

The basic purpose of catering is to provide food with convenience. Professional chefs take care of all your food and beverage requirements for a particular event so that you can fully focus on the event without worrying about catering to your guests’ food requirements. The menu is decided after considering the type of event, guest profile etc.

Q2 - What Kind of Catering Services Do You Offer?

We deal with different types of catering, which include corporate catering, event catering, and personal party catering. Having experience of more than 15 years in the field, we have rendered our services to a large number of corporate, which includes all right from multi-national companies to medium and small organizations. We are well-equipped to serve a large or small crowd with customised menus.

Q3 - What is the Purpose of Catering Services?

The purpose of our catering services is to feed a group, be it large or small of people, at any given location by providing delicious and quality food that can be customised as per the client’s requirement. We have a highly experienced team that is extensively trained to provide services as per the client’s satisfaction. As we are present at strategic locations throughout the region, we are quick to respond.

Q4 - What are the Types of Catering?

The common catering services offered by most catering companies include:

· Corporate catering
· Personal party catering, which includes wedding services catering, cocktail reception etc.
· Buffet catering
· Sit-down catering
· Petite take-away buffet catering
· Bento catering

Each type of catering requires a different selection of menus. For instance, in cocktail catering, the emphasis is on spectacular drinks and delectable finger food. The common thing in all types of catering is, however, to provide the highest quality of food and services for esteemed guests.

Q5 - How Can I Choose the Right Catering Service?

To choose the right catering service, you have to keep few things in mind. This includes not just going by advertising but considering the recommendations given by those in your social circles. You should also consider the type of caterings a particular caterer specializes in. For instance, someone who is good for small, intimate events might not be having the expertise and equipment to handle big corporate catering. Always meet the caterer and schedule a tasting.

Q6 - What is Allied Catering Service?

Allied catering service includes an extensive range of necessary services, which include catering services to labour camps. Its housekeeping services ensure maintenance of the safety and health standards, while also enhancing lifestyle conditions. All these are aimed at maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings in addition to meeting the hygiene and health standards.

Q7 - What is Corporate Catering Service?

The marketing teams in a corporate are continuously involved in forging new relationships. These are both B2B and B2C and to engage their employees, partners, existing and potential clients they keep hosting events. Food plays an important role in making any event successful. Thus, corporate catering requires the catering agency to provide the highest quality of food and services as they have to satisfy esteemed corporate guests.

Q8 - What is Personal Catering Service?

Getting the catering done for a personal event, which can be small or big falls under personal catering service. It can be a birthday or a retirement party, promotion celebration with few close friends or an elaborate wedding reception where the guests can run in hundreds. The event and its magnitude may differ, but what remains the same is providing delicious food with the best of the services and charting a menu based on the type of the event and the guest profile.

Q9 - Why Hire a Caterer for Your Event?

Hiring a caterer for the event adds convenience and makes the event enjoyable and fun for the hosts as well. Otherwise planning a party, cooking, hosting, serving to the guests and then cleaning takes a toll on the host and while everyone else seems to enjoy, the host doesn’t. Leaving the responsibility of food and service to a quality caterer adds fun to throw a party.