JIC delivers a broad range of essential services including labour camp catering services to labour camps and compounds throughout the region. Its extensive housekeeping services ensure that health and safety standards are maintained while improving lifestyle conditions, and its carefully planned cleaning program, implemented at every client location by highly trained staff, assures the location of the highest standards of environmental cleanliness.

Additional essential services further ensure that health and hygiene standards are maintained within the camps and camp population, and the sourcing, setup, operation, and management of sports and recreational facilities. On the ground JIC’s teams are multicultural and fully trained, and ensure the highest quality standards are maintained through the company’s ISO22000 and HACCP procedures, which are implemented at every client site.


Janitorial Services



Camp Management Services

Coupon Handling and Management

Maintenance of ADFCA Health and Safety Standards


Storage and Hygienic Handling of Raw Materials

Design Consulting Services for Commercial Kitchens, Laundry Equipment, and Walk-in Cold Rooms

JIC’s highly experienced team offers catering services, support and expertise across the board. Would you like to know how JIC’s ground personnel will manage your requirements to the highest possible quality and environmental standards? Leave us a message.