Dear Suppliers/ Vendors

Al Jazeera International Catering invites suppliers/ Service providers to participate in the Open Tender for its Half yearly Raw Material Requirement in the categories as follow: –

  • Supply of Dry food Items
  • Supply of Frozen Food Items
  • Supply of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits.
  • Supply of Dairy and its related products
  • Supply of Pest Control Services
  • Supply of Gas
  • Supply of Chemicals for Industrial Cleaning
  • Supply of Packing and Packaging Items
  • Supply of Cleaning Materials.
  • Supply of Air tickets and Travel Management Assistance.
  • Supply of Uniforms
Please note all suppliers who wish to participate in the Tender should be pre qualified as Approved Supplier of JIC, please contact JIC procurement department for prequalification process.
Suppliers who are already pre-qualified with JIC are required to fill in the Acknowledgement form and Send it to  latest by th of December 2021 in order to receive the Tender Package.


Procurement Team

Al Jazeera International Catering LLC.

SOA Submission
( For Pre- Qualified Vendors)

This is in reference to service and product provider vendors SOA submission, the mandatory details required is as per below